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The Musicians Rock Network is a Worldwide Original Rock Metal Music Community for musician support of unsigned rock/metal bands, musicians & artists. TMRN Video holds an inventory of 1250 plus videos that consist of professional and semi-pro media presentations of live TMRNWorld Artist Concerts, Anniversary Shows, Interviews, Concert Recaps, Rockumetallurgy's, Video Promotions and/or TMRN SLM Videos (Support Local Music). TMRN Rock Photography exposures exceed 200,000 photographs of local & regional artists & musicians in and around the Northeast USA, including Melbourne, Australia and Europe. We provide concert news from around the globe through network representatives collaborating to provide original rock metal music news. Our criteria is to circulate and promote "The Live Sounds of Great Original Artists". 


The Musicians Rock Network provides marketing and advertising for its family of support managed and direct managed Original Rock Metal Bands & Musicians, including some supportive assistance for its Partners, Affiliates & VIP's.


The Musicians Rock Network is raising awareness to propel the unsigned music underground to new days of glory, with the latest new original rock & metal acts! TMRNWorld encourages music lovers to support their local music scene, wherever life may find them in this world.


The Musicians Rock Network, known as "TMRN" and/or TMRNWorld, is an Unsigned, Indie, & Musicians based "not for gain, word of mouth", promotional musician support group and/or Rock Music Community. It is 100% non-commercial in support of the local music scene, where members gather to network their own band interests in an environment of sharing information to improve their music experience and careers. 


\♬/ Rock Hard & Keep It ... MeTaL! \♬/


The Musicians Rock Network is a free "not for gain, word of mouth", promotional musician support group and Worldwide Original Rock Metal Music Community, and is 100% non-commercial in support of the local music scene, and therefore, The Musicians Rock Network is NOT to be included in any/all legal and non-legal business transactions, agreed upon between your Company, LLC, and/or Business and your clients in any way, shape, or form. To do so would be unlawful, and a misrepresentation of The Musicians Rock Network practices and services." In addition, "The Musicians Rock Network makes no claim to any service, to any promoter, to any music or artists, musicians, and is a sole identity supporting the music scene, and does so freely, on its own will to do so, with those that have expressed desire for promotions, and have granted verbal and/or written permissions and/or authorizations. The Musicians Rock Network reserves the rights to preserve its best interests and/or internal interests at any given time."

• Our website, themusiciansrocknetwork.com, its redirect being tmrnworld.com, is domain origination certified, SSL certified, and search engine indexed. They serve as a central networking hub for the purpose of promoting and supporting its Original Rock & Metal Bands, Artists, Musicians, Singers, & Songwriters. 

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