Find A Band YOU Love

TMRN spoke with DJ, guitarist/vocalist of Revel 9 (Long Island NY). We asked, What can fans do to help support the local music scene. | TMRN SLM ©2011

Starts Here First

TMRN spoke with Dan, vocalist of Negative Sky. He suggested what fans can do to support the local music scene. | TMRN SLM ©2012 

The Musicians Sacrifice

Charetta's Donnie Sticks, speaks about the sacrifices made for touring and the importance of supporters. Some live clips. | TMRN SLM ©2012 

Discover Your Local Scene

Ray Rives, guitarist of PYRAMADA, shares with fans about coming out to enjoy and discover music in their local scene. | TMRN SLM ©2012 

Show The BEEP Up

Wolf is a guitarist & strong supporter of his local music scene in Central New Jersey. If you ain't real, then you ain't suppose to be here, so show the BEEP up!  | TMRN SLM ©2012 

Beat Feet

Harry Dullys (R.I.P.), dynamic front-man of Fate Strikes Twice, asking music lovers to "Beat Feet" over to their local music venue and show support. | TMRN SLM ©2012 

Musician Support

CHASER★EIGHT AUDRA speaks homecoming, album, touring, & musician support. | TMRN SLM  ©2015. Recorded at the Chaser Eight "A HomeComing Party", Friday, July 17th 2015, at Stella Blues LLC, in  New Haven, Connecticut.  

Go Out & Support 'Em

Mike, guitarist of Mother, securing his wireless gear before a show, and shares some words about communities giving support to local bands. | TMRN SLM ©2012