Gashouse Radio

Gashouse Radio is committed to bringing you a radio station done the right way. They blend independent music with mainstream music in order to properly introduce you to new music, while carrying a variety of talk shows discussing everything from the comedy scene to sports to the paranormal. While they are based out of Philly, and love their music scene, they are open to music from around the world.  

Neue Regel Radio

From the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, comes a radio station with all the strength, power and passion for music that radiates from the Jersey Shores and beyond! 23 live weekly shows for your listening pleasure! When the live talent has signed-off, and gone to sleep, the music keeps going round the clock, 24/7/365!

NeueRegelRadio strives every second to bring the most honest, top quality music and live shows that you will find on the internet. They are as rounded as the people who run the station and make no bones about who they are.. true to their fans! Knowledgeable and forthwith, you will get quality programming which is second to none! Listen in, put your problems of the day onto the shoulders of Neue Regel Radio, and let 'em ease them peacefully away!

The NRR Staff ..

Becoming a part of The New Order
and this is how simple it is..

Send NRR one (1) track by providing your best MP3 at 192 Kbps bit rate, that you think is the finest representation and quality of you and/or your band. If you are selected to The New Order, NRR will announce it first to their fans via Facebook, blog and all other social media outlets, informing that you've been added to The New Order Family and can be heard on either specific shows or on NRR station rotation. They will also show you NRR support by more than just mere air-play on their station, but also share your material with their affiliates at Gashouse Radio and Jam City America.

So you have 1/5th of the work already done about getting your music out there. NRR will even contact you to schedule you and/or your band for Neue Regel Radio’s upcoming showcases. You can and may send NRR station and show ID’s, which will be placed in NRR rotation to be aired on specific shows and dates. Please be sure to contact NRR for your copy, if you’re interested in cutting some promotional material. You can also ask NRR to schedule your band for an interview. These are conducted either on-air or off-air via Skype or call-in (if you are in the United States).

​When sending your material to NRR, please refrain from sending .wma, .wav, or any other type of audio format. Please do not send links to download sites like Dropbox and Highwire unless they have been pre-arranged with NRR nor are you to send Soundcloud and/or any other music storage site links. YOUR MP3 Track is all that is necessary and it must be tagged correctly.

Here is how to tag your MP3 and why. Translation, NRR listeners have come back and said, “I love that band, Track 13" or "Unknown Artist." Get it? Your file should reflect the track properly when loaded into; let’s say for example, iTunes. It should show you as The Artist, The Name of The Track, The Bit rate and The Album Name, if there is one. Also, if there is album artwork, that should also be seen and displayed. The following link is instruction on how to correctly tag your mp3's.

​​Using iTunes to TAG your MP3 Correctly

NRR pays licensing fees to BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and Sound Exchange, so, if you are listed with them as an Artist, and your music is not tagged correctly or labeled properly, you will not receive your royalties in due fashion every time your song is played if all the correct tagging and/or underlying info is not intact.

Artists, Singers & Musicians:

Become A Part of The New Order.. NeueRegelRadio!​

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